Graf&Co explores the concept of creativity every day.


Our enthusiasm is our history

Our adventure is born from the spirit of collaboration and passion that has bound  us since 1983. Today, with the same enthusiasm, but with the extensive experience of over 30 years in business, we support our clients in the creation and development of customized products.
Thanks to the research and development department, the internal graphic design department and the use of the latest technology and equipment, Graf&Co is able to create and make bespoke products and offer a service that is recognized  for its quality, reliability and originality.

The headquarters are based in Italy and we have another branch in Romania

Over 80 staff members and co-workers

Our values


A spirit of collaboration is shared by our whole group and it is thanks to this that each of us becomes an expression of one common result: clothing accessories. A cohesive and compact group offering  new products, innovative and attractive proposals, creative ideas, and a collection that is constantly updated with the sudden changes in the fashion industry to the most important national and international fashion brands.


We have a lot of courage and a passion to share. Graf & Co. is operating in the current market with the understanding of the difficulties and the need to be more innovative yet still competitive on price. With our extensive experience we choose the very best materials, producing excellent quality products and value for money.


We specialize in color because color is part of us; without color, everything fades and it gets dark. Graf & Co is the switch to your soul and turns on the impulse that will accompany you every day in the makings of your fashion collections. The accessory wants to give color, space and music to your creations, in order to make your garments unique and outstanding.


For Graf & Co, the control of its production comes even before you start working with us and this assures a quality product and service that has distinguished our company for years. We control our production not because the customer requires it but because it is our practice to do so.


We like to communicate: with our collection, with our customers, with the sales agents and all those interested in the world of fashion: it’s by communicating that we can create and it is only by creating that we can communicate. In our collections we find the right chemistry of words to talk about ourselves and our products, always innovative in style and materials research, printing and weaving techniques.




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